Ambitious People 7"

by Negative Scanner



released August 26, 2015



all rights reserved


Negative Scanner Chicago, Illinois

Can only be described by negation. Unknowable, ungraspable, unpredictable, non-identical. We don't even sound like this BANDCAMP

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Track Name: Ambitious People
5:07 hours, time changes. There is a slight difference. Custom suit cut to your dotted lines and wrinkled on the inside. Ambitious lives. Well, we met on college campus. Straight A girlfriend. Upper-middle class and she keeps you isolated from the only good things left in your life. Running out, wasting time. Stepping over people, scared to grow up, go nuts, still broke young adults. Age 25. Take a leap of faith, fall on your face. Was I a stupid mistake? Ambitious people passing by, wasting time.
Track Name: Evening News
The air is shattered like a broken window. Night time lights flash over small-town hellholes. The cold of concrete slabs and the cats that are dressed in strange old rags. Woke up in a flower bed and he wonders why he isn't dead. Baby's sleeping under the staircase. And the clouds in the distance, they turn to him and they say: as time goes on, are you the only one in this whole wide world, a sad universe? All I want is to be left alone. Why am I always left alone? Battered in old hand-me-down clothes. BBC News says the heat's like a hot stove. But what's going on? Am I the only one in this whole wide world, a sad universe?