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Nose Picker

by Negative Scanner

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gnawbone.unhinged Sublime. I fell in love with this album Favorite track: Shoplifter.
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☆R●gR4f☆ Great melodic style and poetic dynamism♡♡♡♡this band! They play homage to great music with big heart and punchy beats galore☆☆☆☆ Favorite track: History Lesson.
Tim L - raggedoldbear
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Tim L - raggedoldbear Worth waiting for! On my fourth spin already, great job guys! Favorite track: Shoplifter.
Art Fin
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Art Fin This strong and abrasive album clarifies that they are a punk rock band with an emphasis on guitar-chugging primal rock n roll. Rebecca's bellowing vocals sound confident and there is some sarcastic humor in her vitriol. This album sounds "live" and more like their early 7" than their prior, darker, post-punk leaning LP, which was also great. Favorite track: History Lesson.
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T.V. 02:16
Well I see you out on a Saturday night and I wonder: do you know I’m around? Guitars they sound like nothing at all when you’re playing around and peeking behind. Oh are you famous on some T.V. show? Your locks, they grow. You can cut ‘em down. You’re a piece of work! Do you have the time to mess around? Well, I’d have to drive all the way down. Or maybe you think what I do is shit. Doc Marten, Ph.D. had enough of it. All I wanna do: could you guess already? Mess around with you. You’re a piece of work!
Nose Picker 01:44
You’re picking sides like you pick your nose. Easy enough when you got nothing to lose. You think you’re invincible. Nuh uh, nuh uh, nuh uh. ‘Well, I can change! I can change my mind.’ You think you’re always right. Well, so did I, so did I, so did I. You’re always scared you’ll get caught in a lie but your whole life is a lie. ‘Well, I can change! I can change my mind.’ Do you want to change? Or would you rather break?
Spider crossing under moonlight. Ghost upon a stone talking about time. The thought that this has happened before—can you bear its weight anymore? Have you learned your lesson? History, does it exist? The past and the future, a deeper abyss. Myth sinking under. Ecstatic, always already over. Have you learned your lesson?
6 Ft. Hole 01:26
I don’t know what to say. Every time you look at me, I look the other way. I don’t care why you hate the things I do. It’s all because you’ve spotted the difference and I don’t look like you. Pretend to hate me for my clothes. Hate me for my job. Hate me for what you’re not and you’ll never have enough. I’m broke just like you. I just wanna live in the city where I got something to do. I’m just trying to get by. Live in a place where no one gives a fuck that I’m not white. So you can hate me for my clothes. Hate me for my job. Hate me because I’m other? Well, you can fuck right off. This was meant to be a love song. But instead there’s all these assholes. I’ll keep running around in circles or I’ll dig myself a 6 ft. hole.
A Vision 02:28
A dog howling and I’m choking. A serpent writhing at the back of my throat. Money is nothing. Money is nothing but you’re going nowhere ‘til they get what they wanted. I might as well eat my money. Are you worth it? Are you worth it? The heaviest, darkest—a crawling snake. All the horror. Pallid face. And through all of my pain, I can finally say: bite down. Bite its head off. Now we’re laughing. Now we’re laughing until we’re crying. Now we’re laughing. Now we’re longing. Now we’re crying. Transformed being. Bite down. Bite down. Bite down.
A Cross 01:47
Waiting. Wanting. I’ll be there with tea cups clinking. Paper notes and turtle shells. Is there anything? No, there’s nothing. Across an ocean wide, the black lake I’ll swim reflects the clouds and sky. Swim across. Across. A cross. A cross.
The Only One 01:53
Cauterize another bleeding vein. All these metaphors, they hurt. They hurt again. You’re the only one that’s sane. All those things you’ve said under fake names. Are you the only one? No one others you. Your whole world is you. It’s all the same.
Shoplifter 03:53
I can’t think of anything but think of you. Only your form penetrates my view. Will you ever, have you ever, ever been caught with all the things you never bought? Can’t take anything back. Shoplifter, never in any danger. Is there anything better, Shoplifter? I like awake with all the things I’d say to you. I can’t stand you, you’re around when I think you’re gone. Anything you can put your hands on: take anything you want. I can’t think of anything but think of you. If I’d ask, would you stop? If you’d ask, I’d give you anything. Anything you want. But it’s never enough. It’s never enough. Sink away beyond your grasp.
First Blood 01:48
Cold nights ahead of you. Dark and dry, cracked room. Nothing breathes except in foggy plumes. Footsteps pound upstairs and dead skin in broken hair. Shed until skin bleeds and gums lifted off teeth. Beg and beg for someone to come and save you. Cower in the dark ‘til bones show through. Choke on the things you say. Vomit the guilt away. You deserve the contempt that wolves have for dogs. They say: this is where you shit. This is shit you eat.
Go on and tell me a lie. Tell me what’s wrong and tell me what’s right. Tell me 10 million kids are starving worldwide so you better clean up your plate before you waste and die. 10 million kids they have something to say before you use ‘em all up for some point you make and 10 million kids they just wanna skate but in the city there’s 10 million men in uniform and they got a right to kill. Born to kill. Right to kill. Born to kill.
Let It Die 01:57
Making mistakes. You’re on my mind. Oh, are you perfect, not like any other guy? You’ve got a tape? Tell me what it’s like. Stick it right in. Now you’re just my type. Let it die. Exploit this feeling for another song. Let me beg for it. I wanna be your dog. Can I play in your hometown? Can I sleep in your room? Let this feeling drown. Well, she died so soon. Let it die.
I’m sick! I’m sick and I eat shit. My guts! My guts. Gag ‘til I spit. My throat! My throat. Pus filled sores. Broken teeth. Blood in mouth tastes so sour. I don’t wanna be sick. I itch. Hives they stick. Shit and blood. Blood and shit. I don’t wanna be sick. Am I my sick? I don’t wanna be sick.


released July 20, 2018

Negative Scanner is: Nick Beaudoin, Tom Cassling, Matthew Revers, and Rebecca Valeriano-Flores.

Nose Picker was tracked by Tom Cassling, mixed with additional tracking by Dave Vettraino, and mastered by Mikey Young.
Cover photo and layout by Rebecca Valeriano-Flores.

Negative Scanner would like to thank the Roe family, Dave Vettraino, Pat Reisinger, Grace Ambrose, TV’s Daniel, Mark Winter, and our bandmates.


all rights reserved



Negative Scanner Chicago, Illinois

Can only be described by negation. Unknowable, ungraspable, unpredictable, non-identical. We don't even sound like this BANDCAMP

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